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Introducing our unique two-part fertilizer system specifically designed for cannabis cultivation:
Part A for vigorous vegetative growth and
Part B for abundant flowering.
This innovative approach combines the natural potency of fish-based nutrients with the convenience and effectiveness that modern growers demand.

Part A leverages the powerful combination of whole fish, rich fish poop, natural proprietary plant-based sweeteners, and mineral-rich calcium. This blend provides a robust array of macronutrients and micronutrients essential for the early stages of cannabis growth. The inclusion of whole fish ensures a steady release of nitrogen, promoting lush, green foliage and strong root systems. The natural proprietary plant-based sweeteners act as natural chelators, making nutrients more available to the plant while boosting beneficial microbial activity in the soil. The addition of mineral-rich calcium supplies a slow-release source of calcium, crucial for cellular structure and growth.

When your cannabis plants transition to the flowering stage, Part B steps in to support bud development and resin production. This formulation focuses on fish poop enriched with natural proprietary plant-based sweeteners and mineral-rich calcium, providing a balanced nutrient profile that encourages prolific blooming. The high concentration of phosphorus and potassium in this mix ensures that your plants develop large, dense buds with high potency.

Our two-part system is designed to seamlessly integrate into your growing regimen, providing precise nutrition at each stage of the plant’s life cycle. Unlike many synthetic fertilizers, our products are derived from natural sources, making them safe for the environment and your plants.
Scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of fish-based fertilizers in cannabis cultivation. Research indicates that fish-based nutrients can significantly improve THC quality, flavor, and overall strength. By providing a natural and balanced nutrient source, our fertilizers help plants reach their full genetic potential, resulting in higher yields of potent, flavorful buds.

Experience the difference in yield and quality with our superior fish-based fertilizers, crafted to meet the specific needs of cannabis growers. Your plants will thrive, producing higher yields and superior quality buds. Our natural proprietary plant-based sweeteners and mineral-rich calcium ensure that you are giving your plants the best possible care, supported by abundant scientific evidence for improved growth and enhanced cannabinoid production.

Part A includes whole fish, fish poop, natural proprietary plant-based sweeteners and mineral-rich calcium, provides a comprehensive nutrient profile suitable for the vegetative stage of cannabis growth. This phase benefits from the higher nitrogen content and broader spectrum of nutrients found in whole fish, supporting strong leaf and stem development.

Part B focused primarily on fish poop, natural proprietary plant-based sweeteners and mineral-rich calcium, is more tailored for the flowering stage. This mix can enhance the soil’s nutrient content, supporting bud development and influencing THC levels due to its balanced nutrient profile.

Application Instructions:
For Vegetative Growth (Part A): Apply 1/4 cup (60 grams) per plant every two weeks. Mix into the soil or dissolve in water for a nutrient-rich tea.
For Flowering Stage (Part B): Apply 1/4 cup (60 grams) per plant every two weeks. Mix into the soil or dissolve in water for a nutrient-rich tea.
Pre-Planting: Mix 1 cup (240 grams) per square foot into soil.
Adjust these amounts if you notice signs of nutrient deficiency or excess in your plants, as needs can vary depending on plant size, growth conditions, and other factors.

The recommended application of a quarter cup per plant is based on the nutrient density and the specific needs of cannabis plants. Cannabis plants have high nutrient demands, particularly during their vegetative and flowering stages.

Firstly, fish-based fertilizers are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, essential nutrients that cannabis plants require in significant amounts. A quarter cup per plant ensures that these nutrients are available in sufficient quantities to support robust growth and development.

Secondly, the proprietary plant-based sweeteners and mineral-rich calcium in the fertilizer help improve nutrient uptake and soil health. These ingredients boost microbial activity in the soil, which in turn enhances nutrient availability to the plants.

Moreover, cannabis plants benefit from consistent feeding throughout their growth cycle. Providing a generous amount of fertilizer at regular intervals helps maintain optimal nutrient levels, preventing deficiencies that can hinder growth and reduce yields.

Adjustments can be made based on specific growing conditions, plant size, and growth stage, but the quarter cup recommendation is designed to meet the general nutrient needs of cannabis plants effectively.

However, if you feel that the amount seems excessive, you can start with a smaller quantity and monitor the plant’s response. If the plants show signs of nutrient deficiency (such as yellowing leaves or stunted growth), you can gradually increase the dosage. Always consider the specific needs of your plants and make adjustments as necessary.

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