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Gentleman Outlaw Farm

What's your Premier Plant Enhancement?
Without a doubt, the “Whole Fish” is the ultimate soil enrichment. Nothing compares anywhere on the market. This is actual whole Talipa Fish that have been harvested and ground into a powder for ease of handing and odor control. When you sprinkle Grandpa Dave’s Whole Fish into your soil you will witness vibrant strong plant growth within days of application.
If you only want one, this is undoubtedly the only one.
Whole Fish or Fish Poo
Both excellent fish soil enhancements. However, the Whole Fish is best for all stages of plant growth, especially new plants, growing greens, leafy plants, etc. The Fish Poo has advantages with blooming or fruiting plants. For example, if you’re planting tomatoes, use the Whole Fish while your plant is beginning to grown to develop strong roots and vibrant leaves, but as you begin to get buds and small tomatoes you should switch to Fish Poo to drastically increase the flavor, color and quantity of the harvest.

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We are not asking or expecting any donations for the Free Fish Fertilizers.  However, we know many are willing to support the effort to help everyone grow their own food source.  Any donations will be used exclusivly for this purpose.

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