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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grandpa Dave's a "fertilizer"?

Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions is unique as it doesn’t fit the traditional idea of “fertilizer.”  It is more closely described as a nutrient, enzyme and bacteria enhancer for your garden, grow-bed or potted plants.

Grandpa Dave’s is a microcosm of life in bottle bursting out with energy and stability to help your roots, stalks, leaves and fruits (fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc) to grow like never before increasing the yield, colors and flavors of your crop.

What is the Nitrogen (or NPK) values?

Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions do not have any significant NPK values.  If your soil needs additional nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium you will need to address those issues separately.  Our Solutions boost your plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and support the soil in ways that have been vastly ignored by traditional NPK.

Studies have shown that improving the beneficial bacteria, enzymes and micro-nutrients provided to your plants will naturally and dramatically improve the soil health over time, thereby increasing the NPK values the way God intended.

Can I apply directly to my plants?

Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions will not harm your plants or soil if applied full strength directly.  However, it would be wasteful.  If you happen to spill a bottle on your plants, simply add additional water to carry the nutrients into the soil.  No harm will be done.

A 50/50 mixture with water is powerful, and almost always wasteful.  There are some reports of damaged plants or “dead” soil that have been revived with a strong dilution of our Solutions.

Typically a few ounces per gallon is sufficient for healthy plant growth.

What is the shelf life?

Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions is very stable for over a year.  If you plan to store it from one year to the next, add a teaspoon of raw sugar to the bottle and leave the cap slightly loose.  The sugar will give the bacteria a food source to live on while in storage.

My bottle froze, is it still good?

The living organisms in Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions will go dormant when the liquid gets cold or freezes, but it will not die.  Bring it back to room temperature and let it rest a few days before applying to your plants.

I can't smell anything, is it still good?

Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions often has no significant odor.  The 105 Solutions almost never has odor, but the 205 and 405 will begin to smell over time (It’s poop after all).  This is a natural process and is harmless.  If the liquid “stinks” too much try adding a teaspoon of raw sugar and shake the bottle a few times.  Leave the cap loose and in a couple days the odor will be gone.

Is this a fish emulsion?

No, Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions is never boiled or heated in any way.  All the “brewing” takes place at room temperature.  We use an unusual proprietary method that is most closely related to hydrolysis by mineralization.

Strictly speaking, or fish poop is composted over time to intensify the beneficial  organisms in the Solutions.

Is this good in hydroponics?

Absolutely yes!  Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions 105 is the supernatant that all aquaponics and hydroponics are designed for.  If you have a non-soil system then Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions is absolutely the answer.

How often should I apply Grandpa Dave's?

Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions should be applied after your plant begins to produce its first signs of budding or fruiting. Then every time you water your plants.  This is a bottle of living organisms and enzymes that will boost your roots, leaves, stalks and fruits at every stage of growth.  It will not harm or burn your plants – ever.  

Will this help with dying or rotting roots?

The living bacteria and microorganisms teaming inside every bottle of Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions will combat against parasites, diseases and other harmful bacteria.  

Can I apply with a sprayer?

Yes, but keep in mind that Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions often has particulate that will potentially clog sprayer nozzles; especially the 405 Solution has a great deal of solids.  If you plan to use with a sprayer we recommend filtering the solids or contact us for a pre-filtered solution.  

Screening or filtering the solution will not negatively affect the solutions.

What about growing cannabis?

If you’re growing cannabis, Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions IS the solution for you.  The 105 Solution is by far the perfect solution for any exotic or creative growing.