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Gentleman Outlaw Farm


In these times groceries are ridiculously expensive and food quality is often questionable.  We believe everyone should have the ability to grow their own nutritious food.  If you have a garden or grow-bed you will benefit from the nutrients that come from fish.  Fish waste produces amazing results from the unique properties that your plants desperately need.

Here at our farm, as we purge our filters and extract the fish poop for our extraordinary Fin-tastic Fertilizer, the remaining liquid is stored away in tanks.  These tanks are full of rich, plant ready nutrients.  

Gentleman Outlaw Farm wants to give back to the community and try to help families achieve success during these uncertain times.  We’ve decided to offer this remaining liquid for free to our friends and neighbors.  If you are within driving distance you are welcome to come.  Bring your own gallon jugs, and take what you need.  

This water is literally living liquid from our poop tanks.  Add to your plant beds and watch your fruits and vegetables proliferate with new life!

Simply provide a little information below and “Join” Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Fertilizer family.  Provide your email and some helpful information and make arrangements to meet us here at our humble farm and we will fill your bottles with all the Fin-tastic Fertilizer your garden needs.

Additionally, if you would like a larger quantity, we have 55 gallon drums full of this Fin-tastic Fertilizer available for $100.  Or bring larger containers.  We will fill your 275 gallon tote for $400.

Let us know what you have or what you need and we will take care of you.  Our mission is to help you produce food and enjoyment for your families.

Thank you for being a part of the Gentleman Outlaw family.

– Grandpa Dave

P.S.  While you’re here Grandpa Dave will happily give you a tour of our fish room and waste collection process.  Bring your kids,  they will love feeding the big fish.

We are located about half way between Wilmington and Xenia Ohio.  We will give you the address when you make arrangements to come visit our farm.

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We are not asking or expecting any donations for the Free Fish Fertilizers.  However, we know many are willing to support the effort to help everyone grow their own food source.  Any donations will be used exclusivly for this purpose.

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