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Live Tilapia

What sets us apart from store-bought Tilapia?

At Gentleman Outlaw Farm we breed and raise our Blue Tilapia from eggs to their full size at harvest. We use no growth hormones, sex hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals of any kind. We use only clean, filtered, and aerated water.

The adult Tilapia are ready for harvest right now. The price is about $5 per large adult, less for smaller (usually female).

You can net these yourself, or I can do it for you. Your kids will enjoy catching these fast fish. Bring a bucket and take them home live or bring some ice in a tote.

Below is a video on how to prepare your large Tilapia for the table. (Government regulations restrict us from filleting these for you).
When done properly there is no blood or guts. The meat is outside the bones so it’s easy and clean.

Gentleman Outlaw Farm

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We are not asking or expecting any donations for the Free Fish Fertilizers.  However, we know many are willing to support the effort to help everyone grow their own food source.  Any donations will be used exclusivly for this purpose.

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