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Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solution, 405, Bunny Poop Solution

Bunny Poop in Fish Poop Solution


We have crafted a unique blend of our most popular Fin-tastic Fish Poop Solution with local farm raised Rabbit Poop using our proprietary hybrid process of aerobic mineralization and active enzymes. The combination produces an immeasurable wealth of nutrients that will make your fruits, vegetables and flowers proliferate like never before.

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Grandpa Dave's Fin-tastic Bunny Poop Solution

We "long-brew" our own bunny poop in our exclusive Fin-tastic Fish Poop Solution using a unique proprietary method.  The result is a plant food concentrate that will amaze you and make your garden smile all year long.

Grandpa Dave's Fin-tastic Bunny Poop Solution is from oxygen-rich 100% all-natural fish waste solids (poop), rabbit waste (poop) and beneficial bacteria created using our proprietary hybrid process of aerobic mineralization and active enzymes resulting in nutrient-rich water with high levels of beneficial bacteria, and various micronutrients.

Rabbit Solution (Sometimes called rabbit tea) is excellent to use in the garden. It can be used directly without burning plants and roots but is concentrated enough to dilute. Our Rabbit Solution has higher nutrient levels than other animal waste products and is an ideal plant additive that’s suitable to use in any garden, grow bed or hydroponics system.
Rabbit Solution will build your soil’s structure, improve the porosity, add stability, and hold nutrients for plants as well as other organisms in the soil.  In addition, worms, specifically red wiggles, love rabbit poop solution!
Use Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Fish Poop and Rabbit Poop Solution for your lawn, roses, vegetables, flower beds and ornamental plants. Or, additionaly, add to your compost pile to create an earthworm utopia.

This is the best plant additives for your organic gardens!

Benefits of Grandpa Dave's Fin-tastic Bunny Poop Solution:

  • Four times more nutrients than cow or horse waste products and is twice as rich as chicken waste.
  • Cow, horse and chicken waste are considered “hot” and need to be composted to use with plants.
  • Our solutions can be applied directly to plants or diluted as directed.
  • Improves the life cycle of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
  • Produces lush green growth and stronger stalks reaching their full potential.
  • Excellent additive for salad greens!
  • Ideal additive for seedlings and early growth of tomatoes, and all other vegetables.
  • Helps with the fruit quality and reduces disease in plants.
  • Includes the nutrients and micro-nutrients that plants require along with high levels of sugars and enzymes.
  • Rabbit Poop Solution is an absolute favorite for your tomatoes!

The combination of these two fish/rabbit poop solutions is unbeatable.

  • Do not use city water (Chlorinated water) directly on plants. Always use well water, rain water, or dechlorinated water.
  • It is not necessary to apply full-strength.
  • To jumpstart your plants or help heal weak or damaged plants, apply no more than 50/50 with water.
  • Typical application rate of 1 - 4 oz. per gallon of water every time you water from seedling to maturity.


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Gentleman Outlaw Farm, LLC
Wilmington, Ohio

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