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Fish Poop Solution


Healthy plants and the soil that they live in should be alive and active, teaming with life and health.
100% All-natural fish poop crafted in our hybrid proprietary aerobic mineralization process vats.

Whole Fish in Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Fish Poop Solution


Using our proprietary hybrid process of aerobic mineralization and active enzymes we add our most popular Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Fertilizer (Fish Poop), blended with actual whole chopped fish. These whole fish dissolve into the Living Liquid and release an intense spectrum of enzymes and nutrients that will make your vegetables and flowers explode like you’ve never experienced before.

Bunny Poop in Fish Poop Solution


We have crafted a unique blend of our most popular Fin-tastic Fish Poop Solution with local farm raised Rabbit Poop using our proprietary hybrid process of aerobic mineralization and active enzymes. The combination produces an immeasurable wealth of nutrients that will make your fruits, vegetables and flowers proliferate like never before.

Rich Fish Tank Waste Water


Gallon size and larger

Here at our farm, as we purge our filters and extract the fish poop for our extraordinary Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions┬áthe remaining liquid is stored away in tanks. ┬áThese tanks are full of rich, plant ready nutrients.