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Fin-tastic Fish-Waste Plant Solutions

Gentleman Outlaw Farm currently produces a variety of different types of plant enhancements, all based on Grandpa Dave’s Fin-tastic Solutions from mineralized Fish Poop.

Fish Poop Solutions is the most highly sought after 100% all-natural plant growth booster anywhere.  It dramatically increases your plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and increases yield, colors and flavors.   Fish have been known since the beginning of time to be one of the most benificial plant growth boosters in all of nature.

Mineralized Fish Poop Solution

This is the base and most vital part of all our products.  Fish poop contains all the most basic and more important nutrients to raise any kind of plants.  Tomatoes specifically will explode on the vines with the addition of this liquid fish poop.

Whole Fish in Fish Poop Solution

We take our most popular Fin-tastic Solutions, and while we are brewing for 45 days with just the right amount of sugars, eukaryotes and enzymes we add actual whole chopped fish.  These whole fish break down in the Fin-tastic Solutions and release an intense menu of enzymes, nutrients and micro-nutrients that will make your vegetables and flowers explode like you’ve never experienced before.

Bunny Poop in Fish Poop Solution

Rabbit poop is perfect for your garden or plants.  Its long known that rabbit manure improves the life cycle of microorganisms in the soil.  Worms love rabbit waste solution.

We craft our own bunny poop in our exclusive Fin-tastic Solutions using our unique proprietary method.  The result is a plant food concentrate that will amaze you and make your garden smile all year long.

Fish Tank Filter Solution

Here at our farm, as we purge our filters and extract the fish poop for our extraordinary Fin-tastic Solutions, the remaining liquid is stored away in tanks.  These tanks are full of rich, plant ready nutrients.

This untreated tank water is incredibly rich in everything you need but it is not concentrated or treated in any way.  

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